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Restorative Dentistry in Hanover, MA

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Leland Dental provides expert restorative dentistry services in Hanover, MA. To ask about our services or make an appointment, please call our office at 781-826-8395.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry involves returning missing or damaged teeth to their full function using crowns, bridges, and dentures. While restorative procedures often have the added benefit of cosmetic improvement, the primary purpose is regaining natural biting and chewing functions

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Improves Teeth's Functionality

When your teeth are broken, cracked, or missing, you may have trouble biting and chewing your food. Restorative dentistry procedures can give you back your ability to eat, speak, and smile freely.

Protects Tooth Alignment

Missing teeth may cause their neighbors to slide out of position, causing uneven or crooked teeth and possible bite issues that could lead to tooth grinding, headaches, and TMJ. Restoring these teeth with dentures, bridges, and implants helps to keep teeth naturally aligned.

Relieves Pain

Extensively decayed or damaged teeth frequently cause pain when chewing. One of the most significant benefits of restorative dentistry is knowing that you can live your life pain-free without having to chew around sensitive teeth.

Enhances Appearance

Crowns, bridges, and dentures are attractive replacements for damaged or missing natural teeth. While their primary purpose is therapeutic, they can also boost your appearance and self-esteem.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

We use the CEREC system to create same-day dental crowns in the office. CEREC crowns are a high-tech milled ceramic material for strength and a natural appearance.

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Composite Fillings

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Composite fillings use tooth-colored material to restore teeth with cavities and maintain a natural appearance. Once the decay is removed, the tooth is filled with a composite material which is then cured using a specialized light to harden the material. Composite fillings can be done in one visit.
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Inlays & Onlays

Inlays & Onlays
An inlay or onlay is a partial crown restoration that can be placed when there is not sufficient tooth structure to support a filling but enough tooth structure left that a full crown is not needed. Inlays/onlays are made of porcelain or gold, and they aesthetically and functionally replace the missing tooth structure.
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Dental Bridge Graphic

Bridges provide artificial replacements for missing teeth. Implant-supported bridges are durable and attractive and do not damage neighboring teeth. If you have up to four missing teeth in a row, a bridge may be the right choice.

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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants replace missing teeth and protect existing teeth by helping to preserve bone structure. Dental implants are composed of three pieces: a small screw made of a biocompatible metal called titanium, an abutment that connects the screw, and the final restoration.

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Full Arch Dental Implant Restorations (Teeth in a Day)

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People may have told you that dental implants take several months to complete. However, if you need an entire arch of dentures, you can take advantage of our Teeth in a Day offers for a single-day procedure.



Dentures can brighten your smile with attractive, functional replacement teeth. We offer multiple options, including implant overdentures and traditional full and partial dentures.

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Extracted Tooth
A tooth that can not be saved with restorative procedures may need to be removed. Before removal of the tooth, the area will be numbed with anesthesia. The tooth is loosened from the jawbone and surrounding ligaments and tissues with a gentle rocking motion. Once it is loose, it is gently removed. Stitches may be necessary after the removal of a tooth.
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Why Choose Leland Dental?

We are restorative dentistry experts who can offer many options to replace your missing or compromised teeth. We can work with you to determine what type of restoration makes the most sense in your case and create a sensible treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restorative Dentistry

Can a restorative dentist save my broken tooth?
The dentist would need to examine your tooth and determine the cause, location, and extent of the break. In some cases, a root canal and crown can save a broken tooth. However, the tooth may need extraction and replacement if it is broken vertically or below the gum line.
How do same-day crowns work?
Same-day crowns work just like traditional crowns, but CEREC has streamlined the process. First, the dentist uses a handheld intraoral camera to scan your teeth and create a 3-D digital model of your mouth. The dentist prepares the tooth that needs the crown and takes another set of 3-D images. Using these images, the dentist designs your crown and sends it to the CEREC machine for milling. The dentist precisely fits the crown in your mouth, checking for bite and comfort before cementing it in place.
What is the difference between a partial denture and a bridge?
Partial dentures are removable and clip onto your existing teeth with a metal framework. A bridge consists of artificial teeth called pontics connected to crowns or implants on either side. Bridges are permanently fixed.
With Teeth in a Day, can I have my teeth extracted and replaced with implant-supported dentures on the same day?
Yes, you can. First, we will design your temporary restoration. Next, we will remove your damaged teeth and place the implant posts. You will wear the temporary restoration while your implant posts heal. After healing, you will receive your complete set of permanent implant-supported bridges.

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