February 16, 2015

Blizzard #2 can't keep us down. We're in today and ready to go!


Dr Robert Leland

Leland Dental offers superior cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry as part of our comprehensive oral healthcare facility. Dr. Robert S. Leland is dedicated to providing you with the most up to date procedures in a warm and caring atmosphere.

A smile is the best expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves and others. Feeling confident goes hand in hand with success…in business and in life. If you feel your smile has been holding you back, we can make a difference. You can feel more self-assured and relaxed about yourself.

The art of cosmetic dentistry can address these concerns. We can enhance your smile using modern, specialized, highly effective treatment procedures. Our skills with various cosmetic techniques enable us to brighten a stained or discolored smile, straighten misaligned teeth, even replace poorly formed or missing teeth. In fact, most procedures designed to enhance appearance also improve oral health.

Of course, we will recommend a treatment plan only after a thorough examination and a complete consultation on your oral health needs and cosmetic wishes.

Team Work

Our office is a unique dental practice. We emphasize continued personal growth as well as developing professional skills. Our entire team keeps current with the best techniques and materials that dentistry has to offer. We also strive to work as a team to deliver the best dental care possible, in a warm, relaxed and comfortable environment.

cropped team photo

Many patients say they can feel the difference when they walk in the door. We love what we do, with people that we care about, and it shows!